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May Farmers Markets

may farmers markets

Visiting the May Farmers Markets

Spring is firmly here, and there are many May farmers markets reopening this month! You will see more vendors, more people, and certainly better weather.

Fresh vegetables will still be a bit limited, but you’ll continue to see asparagus most of the month, as well as fresh spring greens.

New potatoes, peas and radishes will make an appearance. You may start seeing some early spring broccoli or cauliflower as well.

Strawberries and rhubarb may be available as well. They are great paired in dishes or separate. There is nothing like farm fresh strawberries!

Go early for the best options, but remember that the market will be more crowded early as well! If you don’t enjoy the crowds, consider looking into CSAs or ordering produce and meat for pickup or delivery.

May Farmers Markets


Now is the time to clear out your pantry. Use up your leftover canned goods, make space in your freezer, and assess how you plan to save summer’s delicious fruits and vegetables for winter.

Look for canning jars for jams, fruits, and pickles. Look into ordering bulk meats if you have a freezer. Decide how much produce you would like to freeze as well. Tomatoes, fruits, and many vegetables are great to have later for meals.

I’m excited for fresh salads all summer long. On a base of chopped cabbage and greens, I love to layer on whatever fresh vegetables I can find at the markets. Add some nuts for extra crunch, a homemade salad dressing, and you have a fabulous lunch.

Rather than hot stews and soups of winter, I prefer grilled meats with sides of salad and other local vegetables from the May farmers markets. Roasted asparagus, potatoes and even radishes can make a refreshing spring side dish.

Eggs are plentiful right now, and there will be more chicken options at the May farmers markets as well. Fresh chicken, rather than frozen, might be available.

Most of the markets are open by May. Visit one or two (or more!) and enjoy seeing what the May farmers markets have to offer!

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