Local Farms

local farms

Local Farms in Your Baltimore Foodshed


(this map has been updated for 2021!)

We have a lot of local farms growing near Baltimore. There are farms selling produce, both vegetables and fruit. Many have chickens and offer eggs. There are many meat and even dairy farms. The farmers have many different ways to sell their products to us. You’ll see many farmers at your local farmers market. Some local farms sell from their farm, whether online or at a farmstand. Some sell food via CSA, and some sell in stores or to wholesalers. We have dairies selling cheese, ice cream, even raw milk for pets. We have many types of meats, sold by the cut or by the whole animal. You can go pick your own fruits and vegetables. Some farms are certified organic. Many grow organically but aren’t certified. We have no shortage of local farmers! Here at the Baltimore Foodshed, there is a map of all the local farms so you can best determine which farms are closest to you, or which might deliver near you.

Eating local can be so beneficial for you, your community, and your environment. A more varied, fresh, whole foods diet is great for your health. Your community becomes stronger as you make connections; talking with farmers, seeing your neighbors, and keeping money in local businesses. The environment benefits by less transport of foods, and less waste because foods don’t have to travel long distances. Supporting your local farmer means those fresh, delicious foods remain in your community. Supporting your local farmer means your neighbors will follow your example, and more farmers will try their hand at farming. Everyone benefits when you eat local!

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