Updating the Baltimore Foodshed Map

baltimore foodshed

Why Baltimore Foodshed?

The reason I started Baltimore Foodshed was because I found it frustrating to find local farms and CSAs near me. I wanted a clear way to see where farms around me were so I could make the best choices for me and my family.

Though there are other sites out there that have lists of some of the farms and markets, few have maps, few are comprehensive, and most are not updated regularly. Often they are dependent on the farmers themselves updating their data.

The truth is, local farms are small businesses, and life conditions can change from year to year. While most farms are in it for the long haul, there are no guarantees that your favorite farm or market will be around again.

I’ve found other sites to have outdated information. Either the farm or market has closed, or their website isn’t available. It can get frustrating to weed through potential farms, especially when you have no map to guide you to see who is closest to you and easiest to get to.

Goals for the Baltimore Foodshed

Baltimore Foodshed was created with one goal in mind. I wanted to put all our local farms and markets on a map, and to make sure that the map has is updated. Every year I check through all my websites to look for changes. Every spring, you can be sure that I’ve double checked and am offering the most recent information.

Every spring, I look for new farms and markets to see if there are new options out there, or ones I have missed. I want my map to show the all the local food options so every family can easily see where their food comes from.

It’s not easy to find all the farms, so if you know about a farm or market that isn’t on the Baltimore Foodshed map, email me! Since I have chosen to only focus on the Baltimore area, my goal is to offer the most comprehensive and up to date map and information on farms and markets in the Baltimore area.

The Baltimore Foodshed map has been updated for 2021, and you can be sure it has the best data available. All the farms and markets have been checked to make sure they are still operating.

I have big plans in the years to come. I’m hoping to visit farms and markets so everyone can learn more about what they offer. I plan to include restaurants that feature local food, and include other local food businesses. I hope to visit and eat at all the restaurants as well.

As the Baltimore Foodshed grows, I hope to reach more people so that the community will help me by telling me more about new farms, markets, and businesses when they open. That way I can be the best source for Baltimoreans when they want to find the best food for their health, their community, their environment, and their families.

2021 is going to be a great year for local food! The map is updated, and is ready for you to use. Try a new farm or visit a new market this year. It’s been a tough 2020 for all of us, and it’s important to support our local community.

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