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Welcome to the New Baltimore Foodshed Map!

baltimore foodshed map

Baltimore Foodshed is proud to announce our updated map for 2022! This map has been months in the making, and nearly doubles the number of farms and markets that are in the Baltimore area.

This new map is a huge upgrade from the old one. It both offers ways to search for your address, and filter for types of farms. You can scroll through a text list of all farms and markets, or you can find your address and then only see the filtered farms, sorted by distance from your location.

I’m hoping this new map will allow Marylanders to easily locate the best farms and markets for their families. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it! You can find markets, vegetables, dairy, as well as grain options in the Baltimore area.

Not only is there much more functionality in the new map, I have also added as many farms as I can find in the Baltimore area. It’s not easy to find all the farms, so if I have missed one, please let me know! My goal is to have all the local farms available on my map.

As always, I check farms and markets each year to make sure they are open. When using the Baltimore Foodshed map, you know you are getting up to date information.

Of course, there are a LOT of farms in Maryland. I love that. And all the farms on the map have a web presence. However, sometimes things change that aren’t reflected online. If a farm has moved, that might not be on the map. If farm is now selling new products, that could be missed as well.

At a minimum, the map will always reflect the best website I can find for each farm. Even if the map has the wrong location or wrong products listed, you can be sure you can find the farm’s website.

One extra feature I have included is a form so that farmers can tell me more about their farms! Whether your farm isn’t listed on the map and you want it added, or you want to update your information, please use the form to tell me. I want to have accurate information and include everyone.

So please, check out the new map! Tell me what you like about it. Tell your friends about it as well!

There are a few more changes coming in the next few months, but this map is nearly done. I hope it helps link customers and farms and markets in the area. My goal is to encourage community, sustainability, health, and good food for all!

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