January Farmers Market

january farmers markets

January farmers markets may be hampered by snow, but there are some open! Over the holidays there will be less vendors and customers, and snow and cold weather may keep some away.

Still, your local January farmers market may have apples, root vegetables, hardy greens, and squashes available for you. Microgreens and greenhouse grown herbs, mushrooms, meats, dairy, and baked foods will be there.

My January farmers market stays open each week to help support our dairy farm, since his product doesn’t stop no matter the holidays or the weather! Since my main goal each week is to buy his delicious milk, I’m glad they help him out.

January Farmers Markets


Squash (winter)
Sweet Potatoes


This is the first week of my 2022 food challenge, and I’m excited for my locally grown meals. This week I’m planning to roast a local chicken and serve it with local vegetables. I found potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and parsnips for my meal!

I’ve also made local stir fries, soups, and great side dishes lately. Potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and homemade applesauce have all been on my menus.

It’s easy to make make plenty of delicious side dishes to go with local meats. Soups with homemade bread are a staple for the winter. Bone broth in the slow cooker means tastier, more nutritious broth for my soups.

I make it a point to go to my January farmers market each week for the milk alone. I’ve noted that the milk will stay good for up to two weeks, so I could go every other week instead.

Fortunately, except for microgreens, all the foods you find right now at the January farmers markets will stay good for a few weeks. If you buy more, you can go less. Planning ahead is key.

Enjoy the January farmers markets this year! Challenge yourself to eat locally during the winter, and support our farmers and food vendors. Think about what you might want to preserve for next winter so you can eat locally all year long!

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