What’s at the Farmers Market in July?

farmers markets in july

The farmers market in July is wonderful! They are all open right now, and usually have a lot of attendees. High quality produce options are available, and there will likely be many non produce vendors to visit.

Since there are so many people at the farmers market in July, all the vendors will be out. Beyond produce, and depending on the market size, you’ll find meat and dairy, bakery products, alcohol, and lots of non fresh food options.

Many markets have non food items as well. Look for local crafts and businesses to show up and visit.

As the farmers market in July are so popular, go early if you can! That ensures you get the best variety of products to buy.

There are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to be found at Maryland farmers markets in July.

Farmers Market in July – Fruits

Plums and Pluots

Farmers Market in July – Vegetables

Green beans
Green onions
Snap peas
Squash (summer)


July is when things start heating up outside, though in Maryland you may also have been dealing with hot weather earlier! The variety of produce available means amazing salads can be eaten as a main course, along with some grilled meat or other grilled veggies. Now is the time to eat vegetables and fruits fresh.

You can make a great salad with any combination of fresh vegetables and fruit. Lettuce is optional, and possibly not available in hot weather anyway. Cut up your veggies into bite sized pieces so the salad is less messy.

Use cabbage for crunch in your salad instead of lettuce. Or use another green if you want something similar to lettuce. Then pile on tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, fruit, whatever sounds interesting.

Eat your salad with cold grilled meats on top, or add nuts or seeds or cheese for some protein. I love pumpkin seeds on my salads.

A great dressing recipe can definitely make your salad stand out. Use quality ingredients when making your own salad dressing. Skip the canola or vegetable oil in favor of a good quality olive oil.

Make a delicious vinaigrette with spices, herbs, and purchased or homemade flavored vinegars. Try different variations to see what you like the best.

Like creamy dressings better? You can make homemade ranch dressing with herbs, mayo, sour cream, and milk. Spice it up or keep it simple!

When it is hot outside, it’s tempting to stay inside. However, going outside regularly can help your system adjust better to the heat. Keep heat outside by grilling food. Cook more than you need, so you can add grilled meats and veggies to salads later.

That previously grilled food can also be used on sandwiches too. Cold food is great during hot weather! Grilling some local meat for salads and sandwiches means making your food go farther, wasting less and saving more money.

While you are grilling, consider grilling up some fruit for a sweet dessert. Pair it with homemade yogurt or eat as is as a healthy dessert.

Farmers markets in July may be crowded, but there are so many to choose from. They will have so many delicious treats to tempt you. It’s easy to eat local when there are so many fresh options!

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