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Get the Freshest Produce at a Pick Your Own Farm

pick your own farm

Pick Your Own farms are the perfect combination of gardening and a farmers market. It gives you all the benefits of the local food, but you get to touch it, smell it, feel it, without the work of growing it yourself.

Besides a full on sensory experience, a Pick Your Own farm, or Upick farm, may offer much more than the chance to pick your own fruits and vegetables. They may offer other entertainment options as well!

A Pick Your Own farm allows you to choose exactly what produce you want. You can pick the freshest, ripest fruits. You and your family learn more about how the food is grown, and where your food comes from.

Since you provide the labor of picking the produce, you may find it is cheaper in price than buying at a farmers market or CSA. It’s worth considering, because if you want bulk produce for preserving, you may find it at a Pick Your Own farm much cheaper.

Studies have shown recently that soil bacteria may help us with depression. At a Pick Your Own farm, you will be exposed to natural bacteria and chemicals that might offer similar benefits.

A Pick Your Own farm offers the freshest produce, the chance to hunt for the best berries, and a fun day out with the family. You may see ziplines, or corn mazes. Find a Pick Your Own farm and check it out!

Here are some tips you should follow for the best experience:

  • Call ahead and make sure they are open
  • Go early on the weekend, as things ripen daily, you want to get them first
  • Alternatively, go on a weekday afternoon when they are least busy
  • Bring a water bottle and snacks
  • Dress properly, for muddy conditions
  • Don’t forget the bug spray
  • Cover up against the sun, wear a big hat
  • Find out if you need cash or not, and plan accordingly
  • Be ready to use portapotties, or go before you go
  • Learn how to pick so you don’t damage plants
  • Have a plan for your harvest so you don’t waste it
  • Finally, have fun! Often there is more than just picking, so enjoy all the amenities!

A Pick Your Own farm is an experience not to be missed. Go throughout the season to try new delicious treats. Learn more about where your food comes from, and enjoy the experience!

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