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What is a Foodshed, Anyway?

The Baltimore Foodshed was built to help others to quickly locate up to date information about where to find local foods, as well as best how to enjoy them. Your foodshed is the geographic area of where your food is grown, how it travels and is purchased by you, and where you eat it. Your personal foodshed could be very wide reaching, depending on what you eat and when you eat it. Here at the Baltimore Foodshed, we aim to encourage our community to find and enjoy products grown and produced locally. Local foods are better for your health, for your community, and for your environment. There are so many options to choose from in our local area, and the Baltimore Foodshed wants to help you find the best options for you!

no time to cook
Why Should We Cook? Having no time to cook is a big problem for many of us. Some don't have
march farmers market
March farmers markets are getting pretty bare! I see lots of people, but few produce vendors right now. Spring is
foodshed map
Baltimore Foodshed is proud to announce our updated map for 2022! This map has been months in the making, and
Finding Mushrooms at the Farmers Market Mushrooms are one of the few vegetables you may see year round at the
february farmers market
February Farmers Markets February is cold and often snowy, but that doesn't stop the February farmers markets! Though there may
winter squash
Winter Squash Pumpkins are all winter squashes. And botanically, all winter squashes are pumpkins, though we tend to think of

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