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What is a Foodshed, anyway?

The Baltimore Foodshed website was conceived in Bolivia, and built in Nicaragua. Not exactly local, eh? I’ve been a Maryland resident for over 20 years, but have lived in Latin America for nearly 10 of them. The mangoes and avocados are delicious here, but I miss Maryland’s ripe tomatoes and fresh peaches. Fortunately, I’ll be moving home next year!

The last time I lived in Maryland, I wanted to join a CSA. Unfortunately, I discovered that there was no single website that would help someone quickly locate a CSA growing and delivering to or near their home. It was frustrating when databases were outdated, and difficult to find local farm websites online. In the end, I gave up, and just enjoyed the Severna Park Farmers Market and Diehl’s Produce.

The Baltimore Foodshed was built to help others to quickly locate up to date information about where to find local foods, as well as best how to enjoy them. Your foodshed is the geographic area of where your food is grown, how it travels and is purchased by you, and where you eat it. Your personal foodshed could be very wide reaching, depending on what you eat and when you eat it. Here at the Baltimore Foodshed, we aim to encourage our community to find and enjoy products grown and produced locally. Local foods are better for your health, for your community, and for your environment. There are so many options to choose from in our local area, and the Baltimore Foodshed wants to help you find the best options for you!

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