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What is a Foodshed, Anyway?

The Baltimore Foodshed was built to help others to quickly locate up to date information about where to find local foods, as well as best how to enjoy them. Your foodshed is the geographic area of where your food is grown, how it travels and is purchased by you, and where you eat it. Your personal foodshed could be very wide reaching, depending on what you eat and when you eat it. Here at the Baltimore Foodshed, we aim to encourage our community to find and enjoy products grown and produced locally. Local foods are better for your health, for your community, and for your environment. There are so many options to choose from in our local area, and the Baltimore Foodshed wants to help you find the best options for you!

Delicious Local Zucchini Zucchini is a versatile and prolific vegetable that can be eaten in many ways. Gardeners usually have
fermented food
Fermented Foods are Good for Your Body and Your Tastebuds Probiotics, live bacteria and yeast on fermented food, have become
pick your own farm
Pick Your Own farms are the perfect combination of gardening and a farmers market. It gives you all the benefits
local food tastes better
1 - Local Food Tastes Better Because It Is Fresh Often the food you find at the farmers market or
Why to Dry Foods Drying foods was one of the original ways our ancestors preserved their foods. There is evidence
tasty local tomatoes
There's nothing like a fresh tasty local tomato! And there is a tomato for every palate. You can find sweet,

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