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June Farmers Markets

june farmers markets

Visiting the June Farmers Markets

The June farmers markets are my favorite. The year has come full circle, and all of the markets should be open. You’ll find new options each week, and lots of people.

While winter farmers markets are great because they are less crowded, the energy at the June farmers markets is great to see.

Going early to the June farmers markets means the most variety is available, but going a little later may mean smaller crowds. Try going at different times. See if your favorite farms allow for pre-ordering if you want something specific.

June Farmers Market Fruits


June Farmers Market Vegetables


June is a great time to enjoy fresh salads, summery side dishes, and all the fresh fruit. As the bounty arrives, remember it won’t last forever. You should have a few months of corn, tomatoes, and squash, but more delicate produce often has a shorter season.

If you want to save strawberries and rhubarb for later, now is the time to do it. Freeze, can, or dehydrate those treats so you can enjoy the flavors later. Asparagus, another short lived food, is best frozen.

Blueberries and raspberries should be around for a while, but it is great to start freezing them now as well. If it is too hot to can jam, freeze fruits for now and plan to make jam when it gets cooler.

Preserving a little at a time, rather than all at once, can save you time and effort now. Freezing small batches of produce allows you to later dehydrate or can in larger batches later.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying all the summer produce now and respecting that in the winter they will be gone. Still, some preserved tomatoes and corn can be an easy addition to a soup or stew later in the winter.

I see canning jars in many places this year, so stock up if you don’t have enough. I use them for so many things – storing homemade broth, making kefir, and making overnight oats. They don’t go to waste!

Most summer produce is highly perishable. It is easy to buy all the things and then forget about them. Corn loses sweetness fast. Berries will get mushy. Greens turn brown. Make sure you know the best way to store each item so it is enjoyed at its peak.

Make a list on your fridge so you know what needs to be eaten. Both leftovers and perishable produce are on mine. My kids know what is available for snacking, and less ends up as a mystery food later.

The June farmers markets are a lot of fun. There are so many June farmers markets in Maryland that you can pick different ones to visit each week!

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