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April Farmers Market

april farmers markets

Visiting the April Farmers Markets

At the April Farmers Markets we are starting to transition into spring. Most of us in Maryland have our last frost date in April, so most farmers will be planting out the majority of their crops this month.

Still, April is more famine than feast. For produce, you’ll see last fall and winter’s root crops. You might see some spring peas, asparagus, or spinach. I’m still seeing broccoli and now Brussels sprouts at my market, which I think overwintered under mulch or row covers.

Baby spinach and other baby spring greens may be on offer. Asparagus is coming, and if your farmer grows more in the south or on the shore, he might have earlier produce.

Fruit will be limited to last year’s apples, if any at all.

There are a bunch of early spring markets opening up this month as well! If you have trouble getting out to the winter markets, now you can look at the Baltimore Foodshed map and see if there will be April farmers markets opening near you.

April Farmers Markets


As you get started in your garden and start seeing fresh options at the market, it is important to make sure you clear out last year’s pantry and freezer. If you haven’t yet, then consider April your month to spring clean.

I like to think of April as the end of the local food season, not December. This is when you are looking forward to all the fresh options and finishing up the last of the old.

Now is a great time to think about whether you want to preserve more food for next year. Learn a new skill or recipe. Can tomatoes, pickle peppers, grow some herbs, buy a freezer.

Soon enough we will see summer vegetables, the meat farmers will begin growing and butchering more options, and there will be more farmers and customers at the markets.

Enjoy the April farmers markets! It’s fun to see new options available each week.

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